Technology is an ever growing network and it’s now a big part of our lives. Whether we use them for communications or to aid on daily chores, humans can no longer live without WI-fi. That’s interesting because, not very long ago, the world most advanced invention was the radio. In few years, companies developed innovations that marked generations and revolutionized eras. Today, we wonder how can we enjoy the best of what those big companies offer us. For the last years, there are two huge companies that dominated the market and conquered the heart of the users. Apple and Microsoft are still the top of mind brands of operating systems and softwares for a regular daily basis usage. However, which one provides the customer more advantages, Apple or Microsoft?

Apple – The “A” is for Americans

Part of one of the Big Four technological companies alongside Amazon, Google and Facebook, Apple reached 588 millions users. The company also has over 1 billion devices worldwide. Those devices include all their products such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs and iWatches. However, over 80% of the worlds smartphones are Androids from Google. Their popularity is a result to the fact that smartphones manufacturers prefer Androids. IOS are of exclusively use for Apple’s iPhones and iPads so they don’t really see advantages in producing them. In contrast to that, 45% of Americans rather to have an Apple than almost any other technology brand. This happens because they like to consume innovation and for them and Apple symbolizes at the max. For this reason, they’re extremely loyal to the bitten fruit company and don’t mind spending more on their products.

Promises and Risks

Every year, the company invest in innovation that aims to improve user experience and other technological features. They do so in order to please the users, by providing them with a next and advanced generation of products. The money and recognition although comes as a result of the company efforts. Doing so, Apple revealed new promises for 2020. The focus will be on enhancing their battery life. To achieve this, engineers are working to redesign the new iPhone era. The new iPhones series will be more rectangle, but the promise is that it will run better than ever. By doing that, Apple bets on the success of their most famous product. Whether it will work or not, only the users will be able to judge the new modifications. The only thing that it’s guarantee is that expectation will continue to increase.

Microsoft’s power

apple or microsoft? microsoft

The creators of the Office software and the Windows operating system continues to look for new ideas and innovations. After changing the world 20 years ago, Microsoft is still one of the biggest companies out there. Their products always compete with the top sellers and brands. Therefore, Microsoft is easily recognizable around the globe. As an example of this, there’s the XBox and the Surface lines, which compete against Sony’s PS and Apple’s iMac products. The company even stated that every day, millions of people enter in contact with Microsoft directly or indirectly.

Open the Gates

apple or microsoft? apple

As for Microsoft, the trends indicate, the company may be working on ways to improve the Surface products. This news can leave some in doubt to use Apple or Microsoft, but ut that’s not all. Rumors surrounding the new XBox are already here. Since Sony announced the new PS5 in the next couple of years, XBox fans were left behind. Waiting for anything that might indicate that a new console is coming off. Sadly, it appears that the next generation of Microsoft console will only be available in 2020. This is due to the fact that the company is aiming to finish the Windows 12. A system that will somehow integrate the VR into our computers. An interesting approach that makes us remind Bill Gates vision.

Apple or Microsoft?

While these and other huge companies strive for new mechanics and technological development, the ones that will cherish it all are the customers. That said, it’s hard to not take a bite on Apple’s exciting projects and still look forward to what Windows will look like. So it’s possible to enjoy what they’re creating throughout time. The question should not be between Apple or Microsoft. It should be why not a bit of both?